The Advantages of the Forest Destination Marketing System

Many products claim the same features as the Forest and Hospitality and Welcome Kiosks (HAWKs)—but take a closer look.

Nothing compares to the complete solution provided by Forest.

System wide, holistic approach

There are web site developers on every corner of every town in America. There are companies claiming to sell and install kiosks. And then there is Forest.

The Forest Destination Marketing System includes every facet needed to manage an entire destination. It allows the stakeholders to change their own attraction listings and events, it allows destination managers to be managers, and it shares database information between multiple electronic portals and devices—web sites, kiosks, PDAs, and more.

Finally, Forest shares information across boundaries. A kiosk located in one county can display attraction information with another county using collaboration—so it truly is a powerful system. Packaging and cross-selling between partners has never been more straight forward than with Forest.  up

Tourism specialists

Exclamation Labs team has been working with travel, tourism, and destination marketing for many years. Company President Jonathan Hutcherson is a noted speaker on the subject. Having handled internet development and marketing for corporate clients for over a dozen years, Exclamation Labs carries that depth of knowledge to the tourism and destination market.  up

Data analysis and tracking

Actionable intelligence is key to marketing a destination. Web reports from the log files of a site are only a small piece of the puzzle. Forest takes into account the web site, user requests, campaigns and marketing efforts, kiosk statistics, and any other regional or localized outside influencers such as hotel/motel taxes, visitor’s center counts, and the numbers of “heads on beds.”  up

Kiosk hardware and expertise

The Hospitality and Welcome Kiosks (HAWKs) are located indoors, with front panels created to match elegant resort lobbies; and outdoors, in areas on the Chesapeake Bay and in the harsh mountain conditions of Western Maryland. HAWK hardware manufacturers produce the best equipment available. Period.

Unlike most kiosk systems, HAWKs are not relying on a full-time internet connection. While a connection is required for updates, the system is fully operational without connectivity.

Similarly, Exclamation Labs has perfected a very basic kiosk operating system that guarantees uptime, locks down security, and boosts overall reliability.  up

Proven results

Forest DMS and HAWKs are being used by counties, heritage areas, universities, pedestrian malls, and resorts—all with great success! Both products are in a constant state of upgrade and new features are always being added. By purchasing Forest, you are guaranteeing a legacy of knowledge, smart marketing, and options for your organization.  up